50 life moments only Texans can understand

Posted on May 9, 2017

Fifty years ago, TCDRS was born right here in Texas and we’ve been doing our part to help hardworking Texans retire with confidence. Along the way, we’ve developed a fierce love for our quirky, independent state and its natives.

We’ve also learned that being a Texan means much more than calling the Lone Star State home. It’s a profound and deeply rooted state of mind, and from that perspective, Texans consider some things to be truly sacred. Here are 50 of them:

  1. Consuming a 72-ounce steak all by yourself
  2. Having Mexican food for every meal of the day
  3. Believing that there’s nothing that can’t be deep fried
  4. Dying a little inside when you’re served “chili” that contains beans
  5. … Or a “margarita” made from a store-bought mix
  6. … Or “queso” made with Velveeta cheese
  7. Shaking your head when someone refers to chicken-fried steak as poultry
  8. Walking down the ice cream aisle with eyes only for Blue Bell
  9. Drinking ice-cold sweet tea on a hot day
  10. Waiting in line for hours and finally being rewarded with delicious Texas barbecue
  11. Devouring a Whataburger and milkshake at 3 a.m.
  12. Ordering a “coke” and appropriately being asked what kind
  13. Finding kolaches and breakfast tacos on every corner
  14. Cooking eggs on the pavement or the hood of your truck because it’s so hot
  15. Annually updating your family’s bluebonnet photos
  16. Taking long scenic drives through the Hill Country
  17. Understanding the meaning of “Everything is Bigger in Texas”
  18. Experiencing all four seasons in one day
  19. Feeling ecstatic about a “cold front” that drops temperatures into the 80s
  20. Shutting down the city when snow is in the forecast
  21. Wearing shorts and going swimming in the winter
  22. Floating the river with friends on the weekends
  23. Listening for “humidity” and “heat index” during the weather forecast
  24. When non-locals expect you to own a horse and cowboy attire
  25. Watching powerful Texas thunderstorms roll in
  26. Owning at least one object shaped like the state of Texas
  27. Encountering Texas flags everywhere
  28. Marking another of Texas’ “world’s biggest” roadside attractions off your bucket list
  29. Recognizing “y’all” as the only legitimate plural form of “you”
  30. Using phrases like “Don’t mess with Texas” and “Texas is a state of mind”
  31. Surprising out-of-towners by holding doors for them
  32. Visiting a bar decorated with cowboy/cowgirl bathroom signs and saddle bar stools
  33. Honorably retiring your favorite pair of boots by placing them on fence posts
  34. Taking a selfie with Big Tex at the Texas State Fair
  35. Thinking you might have seen a jackalope in the woods
  36. Creating a homecoming mum
  37. Learning yet another quirky Texas city or road name
  38. Showing animals and/or riding in rodeos
  39. Tuning in to hear excellent country music during long Texas drives
  40. Considering football a religion and tailgating an art form
  41. Feeling a strong emotional connection to that one old pickup truck
  42. Perfecting your two-step at a country-western dancehall
  43. Waiting in line behind a horse and rider in a drive-thru
  44. Riding your horse through downtown
  45. Watching the guy in front of you wash his livestock in the car wash
  46. Shrugging when someone asks you the distance in miles, not hours
  47. Souping-up your truck or adorning it with a giant rack of horns
  48. Repurposing your truck bed as a temporary swimming pool
  49. Legally cruising down the highway at 85 mph
  50. Waving at the folks you drive past in small towns

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