50 reasons to love TCDRS

Posted on July 10, 2017

Since our founding in 1967, TCDRS has helped hard-working county and district employees in Texas save for the future and ultimately, retire with confidence. This experience and our continued efforts to improve our program have built a strong, dependable retirement system that makes our members proud.

Here are 50 reasons why our members love TCDRS and you should too:

We love Texas

1. TCDRS has been a model for providing Texans with reliable retirement benefits for more than 50 years.

2. We are unique and independent like the Lone Star State.

3. TCDRS has Texas pride. We were born in Texas, we’re headquartered in Texas and we’re run by Texans.

4. We help more than 282,000 Texans save for retirement, disability and survivor benefits.

5. There are 253 out of 254 Texas counties that partner with TCDRS to provide reliable retirement benefits to their employees.

6. TCDRS serves more than 735 Texas counties and diverse districts, such as water districts, hospital districts, appraisal districts and emergency services districts.

7. Our members serve Texas! They are law enforcement officers, doctors, judges and road crew workers. They work in our ports, our parks, in urban areas and rural towns.

8. We have helped make retirement dreams come true for nearly 60,000 Texas retirees and counting!

9. Even after leaving their public service careers, many of our retirees continue to better those same Texas communities through volunteering.

10. In 2016, TCDRS benefit payments generated $1.8 billion in Texas economic activity.

11. In 2016, TCDRS benefit payments supported the creation of more than 13,000 Texas jobs.

12. On average, 18 employers join TCDRS each year, giving more hard-working Texans access to secure retirement benefits.

You can count on us

13. TCDRS is a time-tested, stable retirement system. Members can count on receiving their benefits when they are ready to retire.

14. TCDRS has one of the most conservative funding policies in the nation.

15. We are experienced and conservative investors.

16. Our investment track record is excellent. We consistently outperform our benchmarks.

17. TCDRS is responsibly funded through investment earnings, and employer and employee contributions.

18. Our Trustees represent the interests of all members, retirees and employers, because they are also members, retirees and employers.

19. TCDRS does not receive state funding. Each plan is funded by investment earnings, the employer and its employees.

20. TCDRS ranks in the top 20% of best funded public pension plans nationwide.

21. TCDRS employers pay 100% of their plan contributions, ensuring that employees’ money is there when they need it.

TCDRS membership benefits

22. TCDRS helps Texas’ public employers compete with the private sector to hire and retain talented staff by providing competitive retirement benefits at affordable rates.

23. Members with four years of TCDRS service time qualify for the Survivor Benefit, allowing their beneficiary to draw a lifetime monthly benefit from their account if the member passes away before retirement.

24. When a member earns 5, 8 or 10 years of qualifying service time (depending on their employer’s selection), they become vested.

25. Vested members have earned the right to a lifetime monthly benefit, which they will receive when they become eligible and choose to retire.

26. TCDRS’ automatic savings feature helps to protect members’ financial future through out-of-sight, out-of-mind saving.

27. Members earn 7% annual compound interest on their accounts, despite what happens in the investment markets.

28. Our employers have flexibility and local control to select benefits that meet their workforce needs and budgets.

29. Members receive 100% – 250% employer matching at retirement, depending on their employer’s selections.

30. Members can add service time if they worked for another public employer in Texas or served in the military, which can help them reach retirement eligibility more quickly.

31. Members called away for military service can restore money and time to their account without experiencing a setback on saving for retirement.

32. Even if a member leaves their county or district job, they don’t have to withdraw their account. They can leave it open and continue to receive 7% compound interest.

33. Our Single and Dual Life benefit payment options allow retirees to choose the best option for their unique situations.

34. Members can estimate their future retirement benefit and keep their TCDRS account information updated at www.TCDRS.org.

We are here to help

35. Our staff takes great pride in doing retirement right and helping our members retire with confidence.

36. Our Member Services team is just a phone call away. You can talk to a live person within seconds.

37. Our Member Services team is friendly and compassionate. They are happy to answer your questions and help you with your account.

38. In 2016, our Member Services Representatives conducted 3,592 individual counseling sessions to speak one-on-one with employees about their accounts.

39. In 2016, our Member Services Representatives conducted 415 Member Group Presentations to help employees better understand their benefits.

40. You don’t have to drive all the way to Austin to talk to someone about your account. Our Member Services Representatives will come straight to you.

41. Our Employer Services team ensures that plan decision-makers and administrators understand benefit options and have the resources to educate staff about TCDRS.

42. We provide employers with the information they need to make informed decisions about their retirement plans, such as annual Plan Assessments and summary valuations.

43. We host an Annual Conference for our employers. These conferences provide valuable information to plan administrators and decision-makers.

44. We host employer webinars throughout the year and make them available on-demand for those who cannot attend the live broadcasts.

45. Our online resources can help members and employers answer questions and grow knowledge about their TCDRS retirement plans.

46. During legislative sessions, we keep track of proposed bills that may affect TCDRS and keep employers up to speed.

We want to connect with you

47. TCDRS members are awesome and we love hearing their stories. They inspire us!

48. Our Connections and Horizons newsletters celebrate Texas and our members and retirees.

49. We seek feedback from our employers and members to ensure that we are best meeting their needs.

50. We connect with our members via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest!

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